Aimed at increasing cultural understanding between high-consumption cultures and developing nations who struggle with the affects of climate change stemming from that consumption. 

Here's the itinerary that also serves as an outline of what topics to expect over the next few months:

Lower Karnali

  • Kailali and Bardia: Studying the critically endangered Ganges river dolphin and Karnali River irrigation, impacts of flooding due to rapid climate change, and adaptations in agriculture in the area of food availability.

Upper Karnali 

  • Kalikot and Achham: Studying rapid deforestation and resulting landslides plus agriculture adaptations as it relates to livestock.

Bagalung District

  • Pokhara: Studying rapid deforestation and subsequent landslides in the urban environment.

If you are interested in supporting this project, there is a GoFundMe set up: