Road worn...

Tiredness. We all experience it, just some of us more often than others. Nomads are no exception.

There's a concept called road-worn and it's an exhausted tiredness that isn't homesickness, but close, that nomads pick up after significant time on the road. It is often relieved by time with friends, some time with a power plug and an internet connection, and a comfortable bed. When you're traveling you can't always get the things you need and hanging out with your phone only makes things worse.

Make time for the nothing to happen.

Road-worn also shows itself on a person's outward appearance, if it's serious. Ever meet a happy long-term traveller and wonder how they stay so care free and light but then there are people who are on the same path who are heavy and pensive in their nature? The size of one's burden from the road is what causes that. It's the fire that makes some people cool, carefree gypsies and others frightened and borderline homeless.

The road will drape herself across your shoulders if you allow. Invisibility, freedom, fear, or madness; It's up to you which kind of cloak you want to be.