Coal Ash Chronicles Indiegogo is GO!

Over the past few months I've been working with an amazing team of people supporting the work of award-winning environmental journalist Rhiannon Fionn on Coal Ash Chronicles. Being a field producer is exciting and challenging. You may recall reading about this project in my newsletters for August or September!

It's taken me all over lately: 

  • Macon, Ga.
  • Kingston, Tenn. 
  • Uniontown, Ala. 
  • Charlotte, N.C. 
  • Joseph City, Ariz. 
  • Sutherland, Nebr. 

Interested to see what all we've been working on yet? Have a look-see: 


If you have the time and/or feel compelled, your support in any way is greatly, greatly appreciated! Click here to visit the indiegogo page!