Las Vegas: 6 things to do besides party until you puke, from a native | Wayfaring Tech Nomad

We all know what all goes on in Las Vegas: the parties, the bad decisions, the drinking until you puke in the club, the gambling, and just all around being generally scandalous because it's Vegas, baby! But, if you're like me, that was fun many years ago and now you'd rather go adventuring than be caught dead in a nightclub.

I grew up in Las Vegas. It's my hometown. So, here are some adventures I'd recommend that do not involve the fist-pumping meat markets, sausage fests filled with rhinestoned Ed Hard-on shirts, or puke-shitting your way through a hangover that the city of sin is often associated with:

#1: Go to the dance and redefine the square

Hipsters are often accused of liking really obscure stuff but honestly, there are possibly few things less obscure than the randomly lively square dancing community in the Las Vegas Valley. Four times a year the local square dance groups put on a fancy dance and bring in a big-deal professional caller from out of town like this guy, Mike Sikorsky: