#nerdgasm: Silicon Valley, California | Wayfaring Tech Nomad

Silicon Valley, Calif., is a strange and enthralling place. The average passer-by might be confidently sporting Google Glass like it's no big deal. People ride their bikes all over the place because it's such a healthy, beautiful environment, and one can't help feeling smarter and better looking just for being there amongst this madness.
Cupertino, Calif., the 11th richest city in the nation and one of the 24 cities that compromise Silicon Valley, is home to Apple, Inc. and has been since 1993. I know a guy and got to go inside Apple headquarters. I've always wanted to eat in the employee cafeteria, so that's what I did. But, of course, not before I took a long gaze at this sexy thing on display in the employee lounge (which, I'll add, had real trees growing in it):

It's the new MacPro with the thermalcore technology and it is damn drool-worthy. 

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