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Sketches for Survivors is completely amazing. It's an art show in Charlotte, NC on October 19th to raise money for some really amazing organizations, all founded by survivors of human trafficking. These ladies, and the event organizer who felt compelled to put this together on her own accord, are taking change-making into their own hands and it's incredible.  I'm super proud to be included to participate with my fine art architectural photography work.

50% of the profit on the sale of any of my limited edition prints for the month of October (either at the Oct 19 show, here online, or at the Gallery at Packard Place) will go to Sketches for Survivors.

Here's a brief highlight of one of the survivors and her amazing story:

As a survivor of human trafficking, Antonia “Neet” Childs has made it her passion to support others who have been victimized through commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking.  In 2008 she founded Neet’s Sweets bakery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Neet’s Sweets Inc. is a survivor-based organization that focuses on identifying and assisting young women who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking.

Additionally Neet has founded, Market Your Mind, Not Your Body (MYM).  MYM gives survivors of trafficking a way to heal, grow and rehabilitate.  It’s mission is to encourage and support survivors by providing resources and services that enable them to overcome their pasts and transform their futures.

Market Your Mind is working to:

  • raise awareness,
  • provide a safe place and tools for victims of trafficking to turn their lives around,
  • showcase up and coming businesses that work to prepare these young women for employment and help them finance their dreams. 

MYM offers survivor aftercare resources and is recognized by Mecklenburg County as a site that assists women and girls with the following:

  • GED preparation
  • Food stamps applications
  • Financial aid applications
  • College FAFSA applications
  • Job training
  • Resume writing skills
  • Housing referrals
  • HIV testing / safe sex resources