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 Museum of Islamic Art in Ad Dawa, Ad Doha

Museum of Islamic Art in Ad Dawa, Ad Doha

I'm part of Gallery @ Packard Place’s Photography & Light Media 2013 Invitational at 222 S. Church St. in Charlotte, NC!

You should go because ooooooh, it's an Instagram photo show!!!!

Each photo has a story along with it. The installation is called "The Moments" and will grow over the next 6 months with more stories and cityscapes: Rorschach style!

I've somehow stumbled into being a fine art photographer/artist/thing by fartin' around with photo apps and architecture around the world on my phone and I could not be more excited. I had no idea how much I wanted to be in an art show until I was invited to be in one!

My relationship with Packard Place is a dynamic one. I first stepped foot in the space a month before ground broke in May 2011 while interviewing one of the owners, Dan Roselli.

Then, I was one of the Garage at Packard Place's recipients of free office space when The PPL was burgeoning.  The Garage is a not-for-profit entity that exists to advance startup activity in the city of Charlotte. One of the photos in the show is even from that day in April 2011.

When the 2012 Democratic National Convention came to Charlotte, The PPL was housed in Packard Place on multiple floors.

Now, I'm one of the artists on the gallery walls on the way to the RevTech Labs space!  RevTech Labs provides free work space, mentorship, and programming all geared toward revolutionary technology startups.

In trying not to get into some artist-esque existential crisis about it I've found myself in one about it. I'm excited and terrified (but mostly excited!)

Go see my work and if you love it, let me know!