Journal: LAS to MSY || 11.28.12 || Truth & Love


On the plane from Vegas to New Orleans for a quick vacay with my dad before he goes on a week long cruise and I go to DC for this job fair I got a scholarship to attend from the New Organizing Institute called RootsCamp. : )

Tomorrow = Airboat rides across the swamplands! I've never been to NOLA so I'm curious what it's like post-Katrina.

Yesterday I spent 15 hours in the desert and in Yosemite alone. It was supposed to be an 8.75 hour drive but I kept stopping, taking the long way, and soul searching. I have a lot of change in my life coming and a lot to thing about & consider...

- Like my next job - Like my love life - Like who I want to be - Like where I'm coming from - Like where I'm going...

in general.

lots to process.

I stopped in Yosemite and cried at the simple beauty of this world.

I stopped, taken by the Earth, and I made a pilgrimage to Mono Lake...

the same ancient waters my miwok ancestors looked into.







ones that will never leave my bones.

When everyone is gone

my native blood will

always be and I

find truth

and love

in that.