Train travel out of Charlotte is borderline orgasmic | Wayfaring Tech Nomad

Hate how hopping on a plane removes you from the world? Want to travel but can't afford the time away from emails, phone and the regular business day happenings? Well, rejoice in knowing there's a way to slow down but not fully stop while traveling. Because, really, who can stand being so disconnected and all cramped on a plane when you have so many things to do?On the very random opportunity to ride Amtrak's Carolinian from Charlotte to D.C. this past weekend, I hopped on the train at the buttcrack of dawn and am simply elated at what I discovered: everything a person needs and wants to keep going while getting out of dodge.

Remember the fog the other morning? Here's what it looked like from the train outside of Salisbury, which was the highlight of my trip:

 Salisbury, NC foggy & beautiful

Salisbury, NC foggy & beautiful

The ride is scenic, accompanied by free wifi, power outlets for all, no distractions — unless you want them — and ubiquitous cell coverage for the entirety of the trip. It begs the questions: Why wouldn't you want to take a train?

Seriously... :) Read the rest by yours truly, if you're into it:  Train travel out of Charlotte is borderline orgasmic | Wayfaring Tech Nomad.