Lan Kwai Fong is Lan Kwai FUN! | Wayfaring Tech Nomad

Entrance to most clubs here is around $400 HK dollars, which is roughly $50 USD, firstly. What makes it so special on ladies night is that the admittance fee is waived and, get this, all vodka (or whatever the liquor of the day is) drinks are FREE. You read correctly: open bars for all ladies all night. As one can imagine, this also means ladies are all trashed all night.

Even the transsexuals and cross dressers who identify as female are free, which pretty much completed my night. We don't get cross mingling of transgendered individuals in the clubs as openly and as casually in the states. We could learn a thing or two: Their presence is so much fun!

My personal favorite part was the transgendered woman who took her top off on the pole in the club and the fact that there was a pole on a bar in the first place. It's definitely much freer here in some regards. It wasn't even that late, and there were boobs. It was refreshing, actually. The woman was not ashamed, not called a slut nor gossiped about. More importantly, no one groped her inappropriately — it was all good! It's hot as shit here (seriously) and, honestly, not that I would do the same thing, but after dancing and drinking, I bet it felt great to let the ladies out for some air.

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