You're right, I AM running away...

Back from the desert and now off to Asia

with a heavy heart and tech tools in tow.

Heavy bags

and running away.

I wanted once to stay in one place

but then I realized that

happiness comes with me wherever I go

so long as I bring it.

It would be nice to not be so alone all the time, though.

Guess I do it to myself.

Life is what you make it out to be. Life is yours to create. We are all chained down by the burdens we place upon ourselves, whether they are bills, errands, or, like me, self-imposed blogging deadlines. If you really want something, you have to go after it.
People who travel the world aren’t running away from from life. Just the opposite. Those that break the mold, explore the world, and live on their own terms are running toward true living, in my opinion. We have a degree of freedom a lot of people will never experience. We get to be the captains of our ships. But it is a freedom we chose to have. We looked around and said, “I want something different.” It was that freedom and attitude I saw in travelers years ago that inspired me to do what I am doing now. I saw them break the mold and I thought to myself, “Why not me too?”
I am running toward the world, not away from problems. And I never plan to look back.
via Everyone Says I’m Running Away | Nomadic Matt's Travel Site.