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Yesterday was a proud moment for me. My brand spankin' new travel + tech blog, called Wayfaring Tech Nomad over on Creative Loafing Charlotte, is on it's way! The teaser post went out and it is so exciting! Here's a clip, make sure you go read the rest, there's a cool ass panorama to be found by clicking the bottom link!

Travel + Tech = Wayfaring Tech Nomad
Posted by Desiree Kane on Wed, Jun 27, 2012
Creative Loafing has a new blog coming. Mine!

Wayfaring Tech Nomad will be about three things: Travel, tech and, occasionally, the intersection of the two.
In April, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go on a trip to Doha, Qatar and bring everyone along with me. Now, I'm off to Hong Kong in July. The experience will be the same: a look at the world through a Charlottean's eyes. While I'm not traveling, and sometimes when I am, I'll be keeping everyone up to date on the cool happenings with the tech scene, especially as it pertains to our beautiful city.

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