Do you remember the time...

Just got back from a trip to Asheville, NC. Every time I'm there it reminds me of something, many things, many people, many things.

Trips coming up are intense; Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Hong Kong, to name a few. There are so many emotions associated with travel. I've heard the range of them this week and last from people whom I care for.

People who can't wait to jet off into the world, people currently abroad and stoked that they're where they are in life, people who lament travel who are feeling the weight of nomadism; the latter are the ones on my mind the most. I love to travel. I love the people I meet, the lifestyle. But, you know... sometimes travel isn't everything and can come at a very high, unintended cost.

I don't want to be anywhere else that I could be right now
I've made my bed with the things I've said so now I'll go lay down
I miss you
But it's just part of our lives to miss the things we never had

Musical accompaniment:

Things that suffer most from travel are usually relationships, or lack thereof. It's difficult to maintain something when you're not... there.

Loneliness becomes nearly tangible and so comes the keen awareness of it as time passes.

There's freedom in not being held down by things, but people. They're what keep us happy and human, enjoying the 'verb of life.'

Oh distance, Charlotte existence. I'll see you sooner than later.