Vail, CO || 12/25/2009 || Christmas Eve

Vail, CO was probably one of the best Christmas Eves I've had in my life. I lived in Colorado for my 5th grade year, in Evergreen, and my parents have a loft in Estes Park so we go up there a lot. This time though, it was special.

My stepdad is the one that hatched the idea. In fact, we didn't even know where we were going until we were actually going! He planned this whole thing himself. :)

First up, a gondola ride. It was BEAUTIFUL! Vail after dark is gorgeous from here!

Off the gondola and onto a...

SNOWCAT! Yes! Really!

Finally we arrive at this beautiful private ski chalet (inaccessible by road!) called the Game Creek Club. It was super posh! I later found out that there are only 395 memberships and it's $50,000 USD to even join once you've been moved off the waiting list available so, basically, it's super exclusive.

The food was superb!

After a cheery family dinner at one of the most beautiful and surreal locations, we made it back into town. Around 9pm Vail is pretty empty but holy mackerel is it scenic! There were a few ice skaters left and we were lucky that Rimini Gelato was open for us to step into because it was cold!!

I loved Vail, CO and see why people find it so charming. :)