Here are some highlights of things I organized and/or produced as staff, particularly in 2015: 

Multimedia Producer, Project Management: AZDispatch, 2015 - This was an interesting multi-media project aimed at showcasing injustices immigrants face in Arizona. I produced photography, a 4 video series that was ultimately streamed during the Netroots Nation keynotes one evening, and put it all on a website to house the work and related content.

This work was featured on Upworthy!A young, undocumented woman tries to do the right thing and ends up a felon for absurd reason



Fundraising and Project Management, Colibrí Mural in Phoenix, Arizona, 2015 -This project was really heartwarming and centered the important work of the Colibrí Center for Human Rights does at the U.S. Mexico border to name those who lost their lives crossing the Sonoran Desert and return them home. 

10 BEST NEW PHOENIX MURALS OF 2015, Phoenix New Times

The Architecture of Fear Meets the Art of Love, The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Blog

Immigration Mural Finds Home and Grand Avenue in Phoenix, Phoenix New Times

Mural in downtown Phoenix highlights plight of migrants, AZ Central

'Colibri' mural opens discussion about migrant issues, Phoenix Sun

Project Management, Immortal Technique Concert feat. Constant Flow (CF), Poison Pen, and DJ Static, The Monarch Theater, 700-ish people, July 2015 - As part of the Netroots Music Project, I coordinated a lot of things, this being one of the most challenging but also most rewarding. There's just that moment when everything is pulling off the way you want it to that makes all of the planning worth it. That moment was definitely when all four of these performers were on stage at once. 

Project Development and Management, The Netroots Music Project and it's 10 panel speaker series focused on arts and activism that featured musicians like The Downtown Boys Immortal TechniqueThe Chapin SistersIrene Diaz, and Jasiri X alongside activists and artists alike.:

People’s Climate March: Music and Art in service of social movements

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The Arizona Sound Strike: 5 years later

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