Gallery @ Packard Place’s Photography & Light Media 2013 Invitational

"The Moments"

Digital prints, limited edition 25 x 5


Artist statement: 

Cityscapes: Rorschach style! We all see our city and world differently. From the landscapes we occupy together to the places where we get away from one another, cities are only what we make them. This series of exclusively iPhone-produced Instagram photos extends the digital medium beyond the usual context: the mobile phone screen. Our minds and our photographs sometimes never even leave our mobile devices and it’s rare to find our digital lives influencing in the physical.  Here are moments captured and digitally to be experienced physically. See what you want to see, read about the moment that inspired the photograph, and feel yourself immersed for a split second. From Hong Kong to Doha to Charlotte, the moments felt in the cities we share across the world are what make us collectively human.


Well Developed: Back to the Darkroom, the November photography show at Gallery Twenty Two in Charlotte, contained my work!

 This collection featured photographs of eight locations from around the United States that humans have turned their backs on.

 They're abandoned buildings, often standing full of very usable items. Our culture of overconsumption has produced an environment where the items inside, and the buildings themselves, are oft discarded just because we have something new to replace it, not because the item is broken or has a deficit. This is a look into ourselves as a culture as we look into the nooks and crannies of a different time in The Forsaken.

Sketches for Survivors is completely amazing.  It's an art show to raise money for some really amazing organizations, all founded by survivors of human trafficking.  It's worth familiarizing yourself with the great organizations that will benefit: Neet’s Sweets Inc.Market Your Mind, Not Your Body (MYM),  and All We Want is L.O.V.E. These ladies, and the event organizer who felt compelled to put this together on her own accord, are taking change-making into their own hands and it's incredible.  I'm super proud to participate.

Click to visit the Sketches for Survivors website

Click to visit the Sketches for Survivors website